Music – The only universal language

I am a music composer and producer with an emphasis on music for film, animation and new media. This also includes music, sounddesign and sound concepts for multimedia productions such as commercials, corporate movies, shows, video games and other interactive media. My goal is always to meet your professional needs by creating customized and coordinated music concepts and a matching sounddesign for your film and other media projects.

Every project is different – this is why I work from scratch with filmmakers and customers on the individual and creative implementation of sound concepts and ideas. I produce demos and layouts to define and develop the appropriate sound for each project – the transition between music and modern sounddesign is fluent. For the musical realization I can resort to a mixture and variety of different musical genres and styles.


Emotions and atmosphere are stressed through my work

In any visual media, moving pictures alone simply cannot convey all the appropriate emotions and moods their author intended them to. To get you to experience these very emotions through music and sounds is my task. I create program music – that’s music with a clear statement to enhance and focus the listener’s emotions in a very close link with the music’s visual representation on the screen. In general, music can dramatically enhance images in films and media productions to underscore or even completely change their visual meaning.

For me, a successful project is a total symbiosis of music and picture, thus my work is done when both are seemingly interwoven to create that very special atmosphere of a natural symbiosis. This is when picture and sound cannot be separated anymore from one another in the mind of the audience. My music is founded on a combination of orchestra, classical musical instruments, synthesizers and the latest technology in modern sounddesign.




Professional work and past projects

Several years of field experience through close cooperation with companies and artists in the media and event industry. Multiple projects with music, sounddesign and recording for film, advertising, corporate sound, multimedia and animation. Involvement in the creation of several large multimedia shows in the event industry, as well as sounddesign, audio production and music selection for an ILDA Award- winning show and other large show events.

Music composition, production, sounddesign and mixing for the film “Too Focused”. The award-winning and Shocking Shorts Award-nominated movie was shown several times in cinema, on national and international film festivals, aired on television and is available through its commercial DVD release on Amazon and iTunes. My music can also be heard in many international film and media productions. More samples of my work can be found in the portfolio and music section.


Professional resume

I have many years of experience as a trained and active musician and former member of an orchestra with numerous concert appearances; comprehensive field experience through practical training and academic study in audio engineering, music production, design and media technology.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, I perform many of the instruments in my music and scores myself (e.g. piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, guitalele, ukulele, synthesizer (programming), accordion and percussion). Extensive work with audio and music production software such as Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Steinberg Wavelab and many other professional libraries and plug-ins.


Frank Todt